Honey: an All-in-one Beauty Cream For Face

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Honey is a famous ingredient in the kitchen. But did you know that aside from being a great sweetener in our tea and in our favorite smoothies, it can also be a great substitute for luxurious beauty creams for face? Let's take a look on the 5 sweet skin care benefits that we can get from honey.

It moisturizes our skin
Honey is said to be a natural humectant. This means that it has the ability to lock in and retain the moisture on our skin. It deeply penetrates on every layer giving emphasis on where your skin needs it most for a long-lasting natural hydration.

It fights our acne.
One of the most amazing natures of honey is it's own anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. With that being said, honey can be used to cure acne and it thwarts bacteria that may eventually lead to breakout.

It whitens our skin.
Actually, the reason why honey has it's anti-bacterial and anti-fungal property is because it produces hydrogen peroxide. Moreover, this compound is widely used in different bleaching products for skin, hair and teeth.

It can be a great scar eraser
With the combination of it's anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, honey can decrease the appearance of your scars and pimple marks. It also promotes skin growth and tissue regeneration. Because of the natural moisturizing agents found on honey, it also helps to revitalize skin cells. Apply honey on to your face and gently massage it to hasten skin recovery and cell turnover.

It exfoliates our skin
Honey is packed with enzymes, anti-oxidants and other nutrients which  nourish, cleanse and exfoliate our face. To maximize the exfoliating effect of honey, mix thoroughly 2 tablespoon of honey and 2 tablespoon of baking soda in a bowl. Then apply the concoction on a clean face or any part of the skin that you want to exfoliate in a circular motion.

There you have it, the wonderful skin care benefits that we can get from honey! You may want to add certain ingredients like baking soda, lemon juice, egg whites and many other ingredients you can have imagined for better results (whether it is whitening, moisturizing or scar remover). Make sure you check out our post about the different facial mask recipes that you can make with honey.

Thumbs up honey! You're truly the queen of all beauty cream products.

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