10 Shocking Causes of Acne: Know These Before It Gets Worse

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what are the causes of acne

Acne is the most common skin condition according to the American Association of Dermatology. It may develop almost anywhere in your body, however in most cases, acne develops in face, shoulders, neck, chest and back. Despite several acne products available in the market, some people are still having a hard time in controlling them. But before you use a product, you should know first what really causes acne so you can properly address the problem.

In this article, we compiled  the top 10 causes of this stubborn condition that you probably not aware of and here are they:

1. Eating Spicy Foods
Usually, spicy foods have pepper and tomatoes which contain acidic lycopene. Some people are allergic and irritant to this type of food, throwing off their PH level which may eventually lead to acne. However, spicy foods are not the only type of food that may cause acne. It varies from person to person. For instance, someone may be allergic to bread or say, dairy.

Advice for you: Study and identify which  food/s which likely contributes to your acne. This can be a spicy, oily or sweet food. Take a break with that food for a month and see if that what really causes your acne.

2. Stress
Breakouts are more likely to occur to students and individuals who have stressful jobs. Many experts have suggested that stress is one of the common causes of acne. Considering having acne results to more stress, it's truly a vicious cycle. Essentially, when our body is stressed, it stimulates our skin to produce more stress hormones and cortisol, which eventually triggers the production of more oil. Such oil accumulates dirt and clogs our pores.

Advice for you: Take a rest if necessary. Meditate or exercise regularly. You may want to revise your schedule and try to minimize your workloads in a day.

3. Products with Pore-clogging Ingredients
You bought a facial cream or an acne wash to cure it but hey, you might be aggravating the problem! Some creams and wash have mineral oils which are very heavy for our face, leading you to break out. Another ingredient that may cause acne is the silicone, which is widely used in makeups and other skin care products.

Advice for you: When you will buy a product, whether it's related to skin care or cosmetics, ask or check the label if it says "noncomedogenic." This term means that the product is free from any ingredient that may clog your pores. However, just because a product is noncomedogenic, it doesn't mean that you are now safe from breakouts. It's better to consult a dermatologist so you would be mindful of other ingredients that might be contributing to your acne.

4. Poor Skin Hygiene
Each day, whether you have a day or night job, dirt accumulates on your face that causes bacteria. This bacteria then develops to acne.

Advice for you: Regularly wash your face with a gentle facial cleanser followed by an alcohol-free toner. Yes, you need to use a toner afterwards. Washing your face with a cleanser leaves soap residue to your face which can also clog your pores so to avoid this, use an alcohol-free toner as the culminating part of your skin care routine. 

5. Your Hair Products
As mentioned in number 3, mineral oils and silicone may likely cause you to break out. Surprisingly, your hair products like shampoo use moisturizing agents and silicone and when you rinse your hair, it flows down to you chest and shoulders. This explains the cause of your neck, shoulder and chest acne.

Advice for you: Bow down or tilt your head to the side when rinsing your hair and right after rinsing your face, wash your face once again to make sure that your face is free from any of these acne-causing ingredients

6. You have an Overly Active Sebaceous Gland
Basically, sebaceous gland secretes oil matter called sebum into your hair follicles. As we know, excess oil accumulates dirt on your face, clogs the pores then it develops to acne, and in some cases, it may lead to cysts. 

Advice for you: To normalize the secretion of sebum, there are some topical acne treatments that can help, however, it may take some time for you to discover what is really working for you.

7. Touching Your Face Often
Admit it, some of us can't help but to touch our faces and check what's on it. Or most of the times we are not aware that we're doing this. For example you are resting your arms then you suddenly put your face on your chin. Another example is when sleeping on a table. You tend to put your arms on your forehead or on your cheeks. 

Advice for you: Wash your hands often and bring hand sanitizer all the times. Also, clean your phones or use an ear piece instead when calling someone.

8. Hormones
This one is for women who are suffering from cyclical breakouts.During ovulation, your body experiences a hormone fluctuation which causes the aforesaid breakouts. This is completely normal however can still be frustrating to some.

Advice for you: One may take an estrogen dominant birth control pill week before or in some cases, 2 weeks after your monthly visit. Estrogen dominant birth control pill is the easiest and the fastest way to control and manage acne.

9. Over Exfoliation
Most exfoliating products causes dryness to your skin which signal your gland to product more oil than usual. Moreover, excess exfoliation removes even the healthy skin cells which act as a protective barrier of your skin against harmful elements.

Advice for you: Allow your skin to rest. One of the signs of over exfoliation is shiny forehead. You need to take a break and allow your skin to recover. Then slowly reintroduce exfoliation to your face and make sure you don't use it more than once every other day.

10. Wrong Detergent
The problem may be on the clothes you wear or probably on your pillow cases and blankets. Some chemicals in your detergent are too harsh and it may irritate your skin and once you wear your clothes or lie on your bed, your face or skin may acquire the soap residue left on the fabric. This causes your acne on your butt, face, shoulders or neck. 

Advice for You: It always pays to check the label. Use detergent products which are dye-free and fragrance-free.

The cause of acne is not only dirt. There are other factors like your environment, the products that you use and your diet. Knowing these 10 causes of acne can help you address the problem properly and soon, you'll achieve the clearer skin that you always dream of having.

Do you know other causes of acne which are not listed above? Sharing is caring! Share them now on the comment section below.

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