5 Simple Ways How to Defy Aging (With 11 Bonus Tips)

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Ways to Defy Aging

It's frustrating when you wake up in the morning and you look at the mirror, you see pronounced lines and wrinkles on your face. These are the scary signs of aging. But before you freak out, check out our 5 ultimate tips to look 10 years younger at your age! Let's defy aging!

1.   Exfoliate
Exfoliating once every other day can give you a younger look as it removes your dead skin cells and promotes faster skin cell turnover. It also hydrates, boosts elasticity and leave your skin looking healthier, rejuvenated and firm.

2.   Moisturize
Moisturize to Defy Aging
Think of wearing a pair of leather shoes every day without using any shoe polish or any conditioning product. Over time, it will produce cracks and deep crevices. Same thing happens to our skin if we don't moisturize it. Because of its long exposure to wind, sun, pollution and stress, it causes your face dryness and flakiness.

For people with dry to normal type of skin, moisturize your face at least once a day. However, your skin face is oily, this should only be done thrice a week.

3. Consider taking collagen
Basically, collagen is the most abundant type of protein in your body. It promotes strength and elasticity of our skin and aids cell repair. But as we age, the production of this protein slows down, which causes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Taking collagen increases smoothness and it helps your skin to look firm and smoother. Check out the best-selling collagen on Amazon!

4. Go natural and use honey
Honey, Yogurt and Honey Mask for Anti Aging
Honey is really a powerful gift of nature. Because it is a natural humectant, it helps to revitalize your skin giving you a long-lasting natural hydration. Honey promotes tissue repair and it decreases the appearance of your age spots. Moreover, honey has also skin brightening properties which are good to those who suffer from dry skin.

To use honey as an anti-aging mask, simply massage 1 teaspoon of honey on your face and leave it for 15 minutes then wash it off. You may also want to add different ingredients like lemon juice, or strawberry to emphasize the results that you want. Make sure you check out our 5 DIY honey masks recipes to learn more.

5. The Power of Serum
Apply a potent anti-aging micro-glycolic serum twice daily. When using serum, always make sure it has deanol or DMAE, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid,and ubiquinone.  Such ingredients will encourage faster and more production of collagen. They also helps your skin to renew and help your skin look ultra fresh and young.

10 Bonus Tips
Tips How to Defy Aging
     ✔   Use products with retinol. Basically, it is a cell-communicating ingredient that has the ability to connect to any skin cell receptor site and tell to to behave like a healthy and younger skin. To know more about retinol and and how it can make you look younger, check out our article about this.
     ✔  Learn how to do and fill your brows. Bushy brows make you look younger.
     ✔   Avoid stress. Have at least 6 hours of sleep every day.
     ✔   Pump some iron! Research reveals strength-training can help you look and feel 10, 20 or even 30 years younger! (According to Bob Greene, author of 20 Years Younger.
     ✔   Drink plenty of water (around 6-8 glasses a day). Nothing can beat water in hydrating your skin.
     ✔   Avoid salty foods. Too much salt in your diet can make you look older.
     ✔   Wear sunblock every time you go out. Harmful UV rays make your skin dry and it leads to premature aging (making you look older than your age).
     ✔   Eat green and leafy vegetables like spinach and foods which are abundant in fiber.
     ✔   Cut back sugar and increase your protein. According to Dr. Oz, sugar completely depletes in our body.  Natural sugar found in fruits are good.but avoid processed sugars, often found in high-fat foods.
     ✔   Avoid smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages/drinks.

Foods to Avoid
1.potato chips and french fries
2. doughnuts and sugary pastries
3. hot dogs
4. pepperoni
5. bacon.

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